Monday, July 4, 2011

same thing cycle everyday

same things goes everyday..
again and again..
wondering how to make a differences in every day..
do i need to add salt to make my life salty than before..
or i don`t have to do anything..
eat, pray, work, and sleep..
did anyone ever think to make any difference in their life..
but most of people like to live by just following the flow of life..
including me..


p/s:sbarang grammar error ignore ok..hee


Miss A said...

yeah,hidup kita mcm roda.buat benda same je tiap2 hari. huhu

m.dinie said...

2 yg jdi bosan 2..hehe..

Rozuan Ismail said...

kalau tak nak life boring,do something challenging.

m.dinie said...

nak try tp asyik terikat ngan flow yg sme tiap ari...