Friday, September 2, 2011

I am

Assalamualaikum n nite peoples..

I am

Muhamad Dinie

Hereby to claim

from this Sunday

I`ll enter the whole new world of studies

and yes I`m a student again

but yet i don`t what i`ve to study for

is it for my future

or it`s just to fill my empty slot in my life

but for now I can just go with the flow

maybe someday I`ll get the answer for my question

mm,what I want to say that

I will get busy for this incoming week

and wish me luck at the new place

so,in a meanwhile I can`t update my blog as frequent as before this

I may take sometime to adapt to the new environment

so again,wish me luck ok...=D


p/s : ari ni ter-omputeh jap..hehe


amirulspurs said...

goodluck kawan. keep in touch k :) update blog jgn lupa. aku selalu baca blog hg ni :)

cik Ida said...

gud luck bro...:)