Monday, September 5, 2011

before sleeps..=D

assalamualaikum n nite peeps..

I`m a bit busy for this week

although no one cares `bout me but I`m still want to tell me that I`m busy

so this week is fully packed with many various activities

that had been arrange for us

mm as usual there are activities like ice breaking, sports, culture presentation

and also some cheers of cos

so as you imagine there must a faci(don`t know how spell) and all sorts of things

here we called them

mm actually we MUST called them PM

PM don`t stand for Prime Minister nor Perdana Menteri k

it stands for Pembantu Mahasiswa

mm..which means they goals is to assist us(junior)

along this orientation week

so,we(actually me)

enjoy the activities that are being held although my heart says,

"dinie,don`t go to the event..sleeping on the bed is much much better than that"

hahahaha..but i still join laa..

amongst the faci there are 2 person from Exco Discipline i think were

very very annoying

annoying for me and the others also bcoz he & she always spoil the mood

this 2 duo can spoil the mood of everyone in every tuut..

ok I tell one specific characteristic that they have

both of them NEVER SMILE..always like this

Onion Head (Large) 72

but don`t know la if they smile behind us

but one thing they LOVE to do

it is scolding people

hmm...this part is the part that we almost hate


both of them always bebeling `bout the cheers that we do is too lame

less energetic and some other morale falling words


the point is they NEVER EVER be seen doing this cheers on stage of behind us

they used to get uninvolve in ou activity


when it cames to their time

they critics us like he and she can do it better than that

ouhh..both of them never teach us any cheers but the others is good

i like them except those 2 evil

the others are willing to show us every single step in every cheers

this one is what we needed

a faci that join and do together with us(junior) you readers understand my story above

sory coz my BI is not very good
but my point is I hste those 2 seniors..



p/s : entri BI lg..ingat nk tulis pendek tapi terpanjang pulak..


amirulspurs said...

aku dulu lari doh masa orientasi bagai ni. tdoq lg bgs. PM tu sume bajet. hahaha

mr.dinie said...

x baik do ko ni..minggu ni ak nk jadi skema ckit lorh..

アヌム ちゃん said...

aa sabar je la..huhu