Friday, October 8, 2010

Still Friends.?

When dark falls,
Night falls too,
Every night I think of you,
Day and night,
Day and night,
When I think of you,
I think . . . . .
Will I see you again.?
Will I remember the texture of your face.?
Will I still be your friend?
Eventhough I am just the ordinary friend for you..
But you are still my friend.!
My true friend.!
Although we are close sometimes,
But it seems that we didn't meant to be together..
I will always see you again..
I will remember your face..
I will always be your friend.!
I know that one day,
You will be gone,
Far away,
But in my heart you will always be there,
And the feeling will never fade away..

p/s:dedicated 2 those who love their friends..


Norashikin Abdullah said...

ko buat sndiri ke dinie? mntap!!

Muhamad Dinie said...

Hehe..ckit2 bleh le..x de la terer sngat..