Sunday, October 17, 2010

i am who i am

i am just a normal guy,.
i wonder how i can change the world,.
i hear the whisperer of a kid,.
i see a turtle flying up to the sky,.
I wanna feel the adventure of life before it passes me by,.
i am a normal guy who loves adventure,..

I pretend that I'm the ruler of the world,.
I feel the pain of world,.
I touch the wind, the moon, the stars, and all the planets,.
I worry about the destruction of them,.
I cry for all the death in the world,.
I am a normal guy who likes turtles,..

I understand the feeling of not being able to do something,.
I say that we are all equal,.
I dream of traveling to other site on the mother earth,.
I try to reach out to skinny and starving children,.
I hope that human will be at peace and not die extinct,.
I am just a normal guy who likes turtles,..

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